First week in my new Comms role…

At the time of writing this blog post, I’ve just finished my first week in my new Comms role as a Public Liaison Officer (PLO). I thought I’d let everyone know how it went, what I’m going to be doing and what I’ve learnt in my first week…

Social values – My company is big on social values, which is something I’m very passionate about, so this is a part of the role I know I’m going to absolutely love. I’m responsible for liaising with charities/schools to achieve the companies social values targets and simultaneously, build a positive reputation for the company. I have created a budget spreadsheet for the different charities and schools that I will be liaising with and have organised quite a few calls with various charities to start putting plans in place.

International Woman’s Day- I’ve been asked by the project manager to create awareness for International Women’s Day (IWD) on the 8th March. I’ve decided the female focused charity we will be raising money for will be Breast Cancer Awareness, and so sent out a fundraising competition for my colleagues on Friday. I will be sending out an awareness email and PowerPoint about the history of IWD and information regarding this years theme which is Choose to Challenge. The idea being, we can all choose to challenge and call out gender bias and inequality. I’ve created some posters to put up around the office, hopefully we can raise some money for the charity(I’m very excited about this)!

Meetings and teams calls – I’ve learnt that everyone really loves a meeting (a virtual one now of course) and have been asked to join many calls with different Comms teams to introduce myself and get more of an insight into my role. Hopefully I will start getting some tips from other PLO’s across the company nationally. I had a meeting with the Head of Communications (scary I know), to discuss how he can help me in my role. He was incredibly supportive and talked through many links to different resources that I can use, such as stakeholder management plans etc. He made me aware of the correct member of staff I can contact if I need assistance with marketing, crisis comms(hopefully not) and so on.

Social media- In terms of internal communication platforms, my company uses ‘Yammer’,which I will be responsible for positing project updates and milestones, positive news etc. I’ve posted two posts now and have created a social media plan for the next couple of months. Externally, the preferred platform for my company is LinkedIn, so as I am working at project level, I will have the opportunity to send potential content ideas to the Corporate Comms team, which will potentially be used on their main social accounts.

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Newsletter- Next week, I’m tasked with creating the March company newsletter. My manager will assist me with the technical information needed, but I’m expected to format the newsletter in the company’s ‘tone of voice’, ensuring that it’s easy to read for the public.

Overall, I had a great week and I think I’ve learnt a lot. I was so nervous on my first day and the nerves have (almost) gone. I’m feeling more confident each day and building connections with people on a professional level, which is fantastic. The project is very local to where I’m from (Teesside) so I’m really looking forward to pushing the company’s social values to help my local community.

Will continue to keep you all updated!



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